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How to prepare hair for the wedding day. Useful tips!

November 11, 2021

Hairstyle, makeup and dress are among the most important accessories that will strengthen the image created to the bride. They should not only be delightful, but also tasteful and stylish.

How to prepare hair for hairdressing so that it withstands and looks impeccable? We have gathered, especially for you, the best care tips from the specialist. Keep reading!

Washing hair at the salon, or at home remains at the discretion of the future bride. If you choose to prepare your hair yourself, you need to take into account some important moments: the hair is washed twice with shampoo and without conditioner. Exactly in that order. Equally important is the deep rinsing of the hair. The product residues left in the hair will create a lack of volume and a feeling of stuffiness. Proper drying is done with the pheon at medium temperature and completely. However, even if it leaves the impression that it is dry enough, your hair still needs three hours in which to get rid of moisture. 90% of the hairstyles that do not reach the end of the event are due to the hair washed at the salon, dried with its feon and immediate styling. It is recommended to go to bed, the same, after three hours in which your hair becomes completely dry, in order to avoid creating different shapes, structures that become difficult to fix.

Wavy hair of the “afro” type implies additional attention from the bride. After it has been thoroughly washed and dried, it must be straightened with the plate. Regardless of whether the procedure is done at the salon for the first time, the hairstyle can change its shape.

The application of the conditioner returns only to the stylist if the hair is washed at the salon in the evening or in the morning of the hairstyle. They work with professional styling products, so, avoid the effect of oily or too soft hair. The importance that we attach, as a rule, to hair preparation is directly proportional to the desired result. That means you won’t apply balm on your own as much as you wouldn’t want. For protection against the thermal factor, hydration, smoothing or combating of the frizzy effect you can use Anti-Frizz Mist spray for quick drying and thermal protection from Label.m, Radiance Oil (argan oil, white caviar and avocado oil) from Label.m, for dehydrated hair, difficult to control, which will minimize electrification.

The most beautiful bridal hairstyles are made on long hair. Before you dream of perfect curls make sure you have a healthy thread. But beware! Haircuts, adjustments, treatments or hair masks are made at least two weeks before the big event to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

For healthy and shiny hair, our recommendation are the professional products, intended for hair time: shampoo for fixing the color from CHI; Infra Treatment balm from CHI, which moisturizes the thread and protects it in case of using thermal instruments, thanks to the silk molecules that enter the structure of the capillary fiber and improve the ability to adapt, strength and elasticity.

Now that you have everything ready, it remains only to enjoy the best version of yourself on your wedding day!

Soon, Elena Petrache.


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