How to choose quality hairpins

November 12, 2021

Surely, not once have you faced the situation in which, whether you had a day full of many activities or a hectic party, and your hair no longer sits as you want it, for a long time. But what are the secrets for it to be sturdy, special and neat-looking? There is no generally valid […]

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Your hair: about smooth strands

The way you style your hair can be an important asset when you want to impress. Another type of wedding hairstyle that is worth considering is the one accompanied by light strands. The change may be small, but its effect will certainly be noticed by those around you. Find out why! They benefit anyone and […]

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About hair extensions when styling

November 11, 2021

The hairstyle of a bride is created to inspire elegance and romance, while expressing the personality of the one who wears it. As any bride wants to shine on the wedding day, we have prepared an article dedicated to hair extensions. When do we resort to extensions when styling? Do you think that if you […]

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How to prepare hair for the wedding day. Useful tips!

Hairstyle, makeup and dress are among the most important accessories that will strengthen the image created to the bride. They should not only be delightful, but also tasteful and stylish. How to prepare hair for hairdressing so that it withstands and looks impeccable? We have gathered, especially for you, the best care tips from the […]

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Top three gorgeous hairstyles for brides!

Every bride dreams of a fairytale-like wedding. Is that right? The length, color, type of hair, facial features or dress in which you choose to step firmly on the altar, plays an important role in choosing a wedding hairstyle, which must reflect the personality of the bride and put it in the center of attention. […]

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Zigzag Hair Iron and how to properly creponate the hair

The secret of an absolutely wonderful hairstyle lies in the preparation of hair. In this article I show you how to CREPONATE correctly the hair without it being very obvious in the hairstyle, to achieve a natural volume and a more resistant texture. How to use the hair ZIGZAG HAIR IRON for Hairstyles ? The […]

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How to correctly apply pearls and rhinestones on the hair

We’ve gotten used to seeing hairdressing women who are more or less extravagant. The secret of a shiny look are pearl accessories and multicolored hair stones. In great demand, they are found in various sizes, shapes and colors. They give the hairstyle shine, perfect elegance and create, to the one who wears it, an image […]

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