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About hair extensions when styling

November 11, 2021

The hairstyle of a bride is created to inspire elegance and romance, while expressing the personality of the one who wears it. As any bride wants to shine on the wedding day, we have prepared an article dedicated to hair extensions.

When do we resort to extensions when styling? Do you think that if you have short or rarely hair you have limited variations in terms of hairstyle? Wrong! For textured hairstyles, sparse hair fits perfectly. The longer the strands and the more often the hair, the more difficult it is to hide it in the hairstyle.

Hair of medium length and normal density enjoys its natural charm, so extensions are useless for making a hairstyle, especially buns. For rich curls, Greek braids or large hairstyles, such technique can be used only if the length of the hair is above the shoulder blade. The texture of the loops will diminish from its natural length.

Extensions from natural hair. When choosing your extensions, the best decision is those made of natural hair. Extensions made of synthetic fibers can not be subjected to high temperatures, they can not be styled with the curling iron, plate or foehn, you can not imitate the volume effect and just destroy the image of a textured hairstyle.

Moreover, in the case of the first use, it is important that they are well washed ,since the substances with which they were previously processed do not allow their correct styling.

The color and texture of hair extensions. If your hairs are thin, then opt for extensions with a similar texture. Those with thick threads, although they are more hardy, will stand out in an unpleasant way.

Do not be scared if the shade will be a little different, neatly arranged, they will get lost in the hairstyle and give a game of attractive colors.

Hair extensions with clip on or permanent? Clip on is the right answer, being also the fastest way to gather in length (less than 5 minutes), they are very easily attached to your hair thanks to the clips and can be reused.

Permanent extensions require extra effort on the part of the stylist, especially when reaching the sides and the area in front. Not all hairstyles support permanent extensions, just as not all extensions can be hidden under natural hair.

The secret of a hairstyle to impress lies in the skill of the hairstylist. It will have to thoroughly analyze the structure of the bride’s hair, the scheme after which the extensions were applied, create schematically hairstyle and ensure that natural hair can cover all areas. If you do not get the total coverage, your stylist will be there to help you in choosing another hairstyle that will benefit you.

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Elena Petrache.


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